ACI-NA Press Releases

Post date Press Release Subject
March 14, 2018 ACI-NA Announces the Winners of the 2018 Environmental Achievement Awards
March 13, 2018 ACI-NA Annual Conference & Exhibition Named ‘Fastest Growing’ Airport Show for the Second Time
March 7, 2018 Airports Applaud Senate Democrats’ Plan to Invest in Aviation Infrastructure
March 1, 2018 "Beyond the Horizon: Further in Flight Begins at the Airport" Remarks by Kevin M. Burke
February 12, 2018 Airports Call for Infrastructure Investment and Regulatory Relief
January 30, 2018 ACI-NA Calls for Modernization of Airport Infrastructure
January 17, 2018 Airports Welcome Bipartisan Calls for Increased Customs Staffing
Post date Press Release Subject
December 5, 2017 ACI-NA Congratulates Nielsen on Confirmation as DHS Secretary
November 27, 2017 51 Beyond the Runway Coalition Members Call for Modernization of Airport Infrastructure
November 8, 2017 ACI-NA Celebrates Achievements in Airport Marketing, Communications, and Customer Service
November 6, 2017 Airports Call for the Confirmation of Kirstjen M. Nielsen as DHS Secretary
October 17, 2017 Airports Welcome Continued Collaboration with New TSA Administrator Pekoske
September 19, 2017 CVG’s Candace McGraw Named Chair of ACI-NA
September 19, 2017 Southwest’s Kelleher Receives the 2017 ACI-NA Downes Award
September 19, 2017 North American Airports Recognized for Leadership in Sustainability
September 18, 2017 North American Airports Continue to Report Passenger Growth in 2016
September 18, 2017 State of the Industry "Mission Focused Advocacy and Intelligence for a Modern Airport Industry" Remarks by Kevin M. Burke
September 16, 2017 Pittsburgh’s Cassotis Receives the ACI-NA Visionary Leadership Award
September 16, 2017 Airport Industry to Meet in Fort Worth for the 2017 ACI-NA Annual Conference & Exhibition
September 5, 2017 Airports Urge Congress to Swiftly Adopt Long-Term FAA Extension
August 23, 2017 Mobile Passport App to Help Facilitate Millions over Labor Day Travel Period
August 3, 2017 ACI-NA Congratulates Pekoske on Confirmation as TSA Assistant Secretary
July 27, 2017 Airports Hail Senate Action to Modernize Airport Infrastructure
July 25, 2017 Airports Welcome First Infrastructure Bill of the Year
July 19, 2017 Airports Oppose AIRR Act Over Lack of Commitment to Airport Infrastructure
June 22, 2017 Airports Call for Modernization of Passenger Facility Charge and Airport Infrastructure in FAA Reauthorization Proposal
June 8, 2017 ACI-NA’s 2017 JumpStart Conference Brings Airports and Airlines Together in Providence
June 6, 2017 ACI-NA Congratulates Pekoske on TSA Selection
June 5, 2017 Airports Comment on President’s Air Traffic Control Reform Proposal
June 1, 2017 ACI-NA and AAAE Send Joint Letter to President Trump on Infrastructure and Regulatory Relief