ACI-NA Press Releases

Post date Press Release Subject
July 6, 2015 125 airports report on their progress in airport industry’s global climate change programme
June 22, 2015 ACI-NA Welcomes Neffenger’s Confirmation to be TSA Administrator
May 29, 2015 Passengers Call on Congress to ‘Upgrade My Airport’ via Massive Digital Media Campaign
April 28, 2015 ACI-NA Welcomes Neffenger Nomination to Lead TSA
April 22, 2015 ACI-NA Honors 2015 Inclusion Champions
April 22, 2015 ACI-NA Recognizes Airport Finance Professionals with New Annual Award
April 22, 2015 JFK Winner of Overall Griesbach Award of Excellence at 2015 ACI-NA Concessions Awards
April 20, 2015 ACI-NA Supports DHS’s Approach on the Development of Airport Access Control Measures
April 16, 2015 ACI-NA Annual Conference & Exhibition Named ‘Fastest Growing’ Show
March 25, 2015 20 Carbon Neutral Airports & Even More Engaged in Addressing Their Carbon Footprints
March 17, 2015 U.S. Airport Infrastructure Needs Through 2019 Total $75.7 Billion
March 14, 2015 ACI-NA Congratulates Christopher Hart on Senate Confirmation as NTSB Chairman
February 13, 2015 ACI-NA Statement on Planned Executive Actions to Improve International Arrivals Process
February 2, 2015 As Significant Year for Airports Takes Off, President’s Budget a Key First Step to Modernizing Airports across America
Post date Press Release Subject
November 21, 2014 ACI-NA Welcomes U.S./Mexico Air Transport Agreement
October 31, 2014 ACI-NA Marks One-Year Anniversary of LAX Shooting
October 16, 2014 Airport Industry Commends TSA Administrator Pistole for His Service
October 8, 2014 Statement by ACI-NA President and CEO Kevin M. Burke
September 30, 2014 Airport Associations Team Up to Advocate for Smart Federal Policies
September 10, 2014 ACI-NA Honors 2014 Inclusion Champion Award Winners
September 10, 2014 North American Airports Elect New Board Members
September 9, 2014 ACI-NA World Business Partners and Associates Elect New Members to 2015 Board
September 9, 2014 ACI-NA Presents Downes Award to Arnold Thompson during Annual Conference
September 8, 2014 Carbon Management Standard for Airports Takes Off in North America
September 8, 2014 Airports Are a Trillion-Dollar Powerhouse for U.S. Economy
September 8, 2014 State of the Industry “A New Vision for Airports” Remarks by ACI-NA, President & CEO, Kevin M. Burke
September 8, 2014 ACI-NA Members Unveil Collectible Trading Cards
July 31, 2014 ACI-NA Announces Recipients of 2014 Environmental Achievement Awards
July 23, 2014 ACI-NA Applauds Confirmation of Michael Lawson as U.S. Ambassador to ICAO
July 9, 2014 Statement by ACI-NA President and CEO Kevin M. Burke