Planning & Development Working Group


The Planning & Development Working Group seeks to serve as both a resource for information covering a variety of airport planning disciplines and as a conduit to identify, evaluate and, when necessary, provide recomendations regarding airport planning topics and issues in topics in three broad areas.

  1. Strategic Issues - Recurring 'big picture' issues with long term implications to the entire working group and member airports. typically topics include, but are not limited to, aircraft design trends, updates to FAA Advisory Circulars, federal and state transportation and land use policies and regulations, and shifts in capital planning trends.

  2. Emerging Trends - Cutting edge trends that may hit the sirport mainstream in approxmately a one to five year period. Topics may include passenger processing enhancements, security and energy management improvements and the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen)¹

  3. "Flares" - Hot topics usually with a short shelf life but of great interest to most participants in the airport industry. 

Working Group Objectives:

  • Advise ACI-NA members and staff regarding airport planning priorities, policy initiatives, and house issues
  • Monitor and disseminate information regarding airport planning techniques and best practives
  • Serve as industry subject matter experts regarding airport planning techniques and best practices
  • Serve as industry subject matter experts regarding airport planning and provide representation and speakers for variouse planning-related industry events and confrences.
  • Assist the Operations and Technical Affairs Committee with developeing airport planning sessions for the committee's Spring and Fall Conferences, as well as the annual ACI-NA/ACC/FAA Airport Planning and NEPA Workshop.
  • Develop and maintain a list of research needs and opportuunities for facilitating the development and implementation of NextGen technologies at airports and communicate those needs to ongogin research programs of the National Academies, FAA, US DOT, Transport Canada, ICAO and others.