Operations & Safety Membership

The Working Group is comprised of members of ACI-NA's Operations & Technical Affairs and Public Safety & Security committees, as well as members of other ACI-NA committees as appropriate. To become a member, an individual's organisation must be wither an ACI-NA Member, World Business Partner, or Associate. Members must be approved by the Working Group's co-chairs, one of whom is selected by the Operations & Technical Affairs Steering Group and one of whom is selected by the Public Safety & Security Committee at their respective fall meetings. There are currently no limits on the size of the Working Group.

Working Group members are expected to actively participate in working group meetings and conference calls. Inactive members of the working group may be deleted from the Working Group roster at the discretion of the co-chairs.

The current chair of the Working Group is Robert Benstein, Public Safety & Operations Director at Gerald R. Ford International Airport (GRR).

How To Join

If you are interested in joining the Operations & Safety Working Group please contact the groups chair or ACI-NA representative. 


Paul S. Meyer
Assistant General Manager
Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

Steve Petty
Deputy Executive Director
Louisville Regional Airport Authority


ACI-NA Representative:

Paul J. Eubanks
Director, Policy and Regulatory Affairs,