Maintenance & Facilities Membership

The membership and organisational parameters shall follow the ACI-NA guidelines for sub-committees and shall be open to all member airports and associates.

Meeting Schedule

The Facilities & Mainternance Working Group meets two times per year, with one meeting coinciding with the Airports@Work spring meeting. The second meeting occurs during the fall season in conjunction with the ACI-NA Annual Conference & Exhibition.  Additionally, the Working Group conducts (at minimum) quarterly conference calls in both the winter and summer.

How To Join

If you are interested in joining the Maintenance and Facilities Working Group please contact the groups chair or ACI-NA representative.

Co Chairs:

Pete Higgins
Director of Airport Operations
Salt Lake City Department of Airports

Joseph Mahaz
President & CEO
Electronic Date, Inc. (EDI)


ACI-NA Representative: 

Paul J. Eubanks
Director, Policy and Regulatory Affairs,