Facilities & Maintenance Working Group


The Facilities & Maintenance Working Group (FMWG) is a sub-committee of the Operations and Technical Committee of ACI-NA that promotes and establishes maintenance ideas and innovations for airports to be maintained more efficiently and economically.

Working Group Objectives

Objective 1 - Create an electronic library of tools that airport maintenance departments can use as a reference i.e. sample outside services contracts, energy efficient equipment, best practice repair materials, maintenance contracts at other airports, maintenance management systems, performance contracts, Advisory Circulars (AC's), etc.

Objective 2 - Establish sustainable maintenance training on topics such as: pavement repair, snow removal and deicing, time management, work order systems, procurement of parts and supplies, baggage conveyor systems, HVAC, ARFF vehicle maintenance, etc.

Objective 3 - Encourage airports to participate in the FMWG library, meetings and training as outlined in this Work Plan. (With the support of the airports and their maintenance staff, this plan can be beneficial to a more efficient and economical maintained airport at all locations.)