Construction & Project Delivery Working Group Membership

The Working Group is primarily comprised of members of ACI-NA's Operations & Technical Affairs with periodic participation by members of other ACI-NA committees as appropriate. To become a member, an individual's organization must be either an ACI-NA Member, World Business Partner, or Associate. Members must be approved by the Working Group's co-chairs, who are selected by the Operations & Technical Affairs Steering Committee at its annual Fall meeting. There are currently no limits on the size of the Working Group.

Working Group members are expected to actively participate in Working Group meetings and conference calls. Inactive members of the Working Group may be deleted from the Working Group roster at the discretion of the co-chairs.

How To Join

If you are interested in joining the Construction & Project Delivery Working Group please contact one of the groups co-chairs or ACI-NA representative.


Geoff Neumayr
Chief Development Office-Planning, Design & Construction
San Francisco Airport Commission
(650) 821-7713

Diego Rincon
Deputy Director of Aviation-Capital Development
Philadelphia International Airport
(215) 937-6759

ACI-NA representative:

Chris Oswald
Vice President, Safety & Regulatory Affairs
(202) 293-8500