Why Attend?

ACI-NA’s JumpStart Air Service Development Conference is a “speed dating” program designed to bring airports and airlines together for brief strategic meetings.

Organized by Airports Council International-North America, a non-profit trade association, JumpStart stands apart from others as the most affordable event that brings airports and airlines together. It is also the event with the most career-enhancing educational programming. 

Airports request a private, 20-minute meeting with up to 10 airlines. ACI-NA this year will again be using an online matching program to facilitate the scheduling of the airports and airlines that request meetings. The airlines also make their own wish lists of communities they would like to meet. With the assistance of the matching software, ACI-NA staff crafts a meeting schedule for each airport with airlines that want to meet them. In 2016, JumpStart connected airline route planners from 31 airlines at over 1,428 one-on-one meetings.

What JumpStart can offer you: 

Webinar Series – Prior to JumpStart, ACI-NA will organize webinars for all registered attendees, specifically for airports on analyzing data, preparing, and delivering presentations to airlines. These webinars will help you to maximize your time with airlines and increase the value of your JumpStart experience.

Educational Content – There will be a dedicated day of educational sessions, tailored for air service development attendees. These sessions will provide in-depth knowledge on industry trends and air service, allowing you to expand your expertise when meeting with airlines.

Increased Networking Opportunities – These social events will be invaluable as they allow you to have greater exposure to airlines and further expand your industry contacts. You will have a greater opportunity to network under less formal conditions than your JumpStart meetings.

Mobile Application – You will have the ability to download and use the official mobile app to access the conference agenda, airline meeting schedule, and connect virtually with attendees. The mobile application will allow you to carry an updated meeting schedule in your pocket.

Personalized Schedules – Your JumpStart schedule will be made to suit your preferences and time constraints as best as possible. We will work with your consultants directly to ensure they don’t have any meeting conflicts, ensuring you have a seamless JumpStart experience. 



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