ACI-NA Airport Financial Benchmarking Survey

The annual Airport Financial Benchmarking Survey is a service and benefit for participating ACI-NA members. This survey has proven to be a great management tool that has benefited all participating ACI-NA airport members since 2005. Our goal is to assist ACI-NA and its members to measure operational and financial performance across all airports. You may also utilize the survey to automatically produce the FAA Form 127 Report, or use FAA Form 127 data to automatically fill out some survey questions.

Other than high level summary data, ACI-NA does not make the Benchmarking Survey results publicly available. Only participating airports receive full access to all data for your internal benchmarking purposes.

2018 (FY2017) Survey

Download the latest ACI-NA Airport Financial Benchmarking Survey (updated 12/05/17) - If there is an error message on your first attempt to download the file, kindly try again.

Note: If you fill out the ACI-NA survey first and use the ACI-NA survey to automatically produce the FAA Form 127 report, please contact us for another version of the survey form.

In addition, please note the following before working on your survey response:

  • Please read the instructions tab first before you start inputting your survey response.
  • All the survey pages are protected as we have multiple cells with forced calculation so that the performance measures are calculated consistently for uploading into the database. You may unprotect the page using the password provided in the instructions tab but please refrain from changing the formulas.
  • Please check that you are using the latest survey form and not the previous year's form.

Regardless of your airport's fiscal year end, we encourage you to submit your response by the first deadline March 23, 2018 to be included in the preliminary results to be delivered end April 2018.

The second deadline is July 11, 2018 for your airport to be incorporated in the final results to be distributed in September 2018.

Thank you for your participation.

If you have any questions, please contact ACI-NA’s Ashley Sng at or (202) 293-8500.

Past Survey Participants

Click here for the list of airports that participated in the 2017 (FY16) survey.

Click here for the list of airports that participated in the 2016 (FY15) survey, .