What is ACRIS?

Posted on Centerlines Blog on Oct. 16 by Matt Griffin

Late this afternoon, the Business Information Technology (BIT) Committee was provided an update on ACI’s Airport Community Recommended Information Services (ACRIS). The ACRIS RP, which was passed by the ACI board in 2010, provides a service oriented architecture that will allow airports, airlines, and service providers to better communicate. In laymen’s terms, it will help airports and airlines in real time, pass important flight operations data including block times, etc. ACRIS is being leveraged by at least five airports in Europe to help drive Collaborative Decision Making (CDM). In the European market, the airports, along with the ground service providers, play a much larger role in airline operations which requires a larger group of people to collaborate in the decision making process. ACRIS should help speed the CDM up and allow the players to remain better aligned. The ACI-NA BIT Committee will begin investigating how we might be able to leverage ACRIS in both FAA’s Nextgen program.

ACRIS is bigger than flight operations data and can be leveraged in passenger processing, concessions, asset management, invoicing, and wayfinding. Specifically, the ACRIS group is investigating both a bag drop application and security checkpoint application.

If you are interested in getting involved with ACRIS or any of the other BIT initiatives, please contact Matt Griffin at mgriffin@aci-na.org