Welcome to New and Returning Steering Group members!

Among all the exciting things that took place during ACI-NA's Annual Conference last week in Montreal, one that stands out is the Environmental Affairs Committee election for several open Steering Group positions!  We had a tremendous amount of interest in these positions and would like to thank all of the nominees.   The new and returning Steering Group members are listed below.   Congratulations and we look forward to working with you in 2017!  

Full Committee Chair

  • Rob Hough, Edmonton

At-large Airport Members:

  • Danielle Bower, PHL
  • Scott Morrissey, DEN

At-large Associate Members:

  • Dave Full, RS&H
  • John Lengel, Gresham, Smith and Partners
  • Jeff Longsworth, Barnes & Thornburg
  • Megan Neiderhiser, Ramboll Environ
  • Darcy Zarubiak, Haley & Aldrich

Natural Resources Chair:

  • Chad Willis, Sacramento / SMF

NEPA Chair

  • Brenda Enos, Massport

Air Quality Working Group Co-Chair

  • Mike Kenney, KB Environmental

Land Use Working Group Co-Chair

  • Brad Rolf, Mead & Hunt

Noise Working Group Co-Chair

  • Mary Ellen Eagan, HMMH

Sustainability Working Group Co-Chair

  • Brendan Reed, SAN

Waste Management Working Group Co-Chair

  • Amy Malick, Haley & Aldrich

Water Quality Working Group Co-Chair

  • Dean Mericas, Mead & Hunt

(Note: not all of the steering group positions were up for election this year)

Click file below for the 2017 Full Leadership List

As a reminder, ALL steering group meetings and calls are open to any ACI-NA member.  We are always looking for folks to join us, to share their ideas and expertise - formal membership on the steering group is not required.  For more information about how you can get involved in the committee, please email Katherine Preston at kpreston@aci-na.org.

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