Voluntary Pollution Reduction Program Initial Report Submitted


Voluntary Pollution Reduction Program Initial Report Submitted

On November 30, 2012 ACI-NA and our Program Partners (A4A, AAAE, RAA) submitted the first deicing Voluntary Pollution Reduction Program Report to the Environmental Protection Agency as per our program schedule.  This Initial Report identifies a “Defined Set of Airports” at which approximately 80% of the nation’s aircraft deicing activity occurs, including a list of airline members of Program Partners that serve these airports.  Over the course of the program, ACI-NA and our program partners will collect and document information regarding pollution reduction technologies from the defined set of airports and airlines, develop a quantitative pollution reduction goal and, ultimately, report on industry-wide progress towards that goal on an aggregate basis. 

ACI-NA and the Program Partners developed a framework for implementing the VPRP, including a Steering Group comprised of association staff, and several working groups comprised of member airports and airlines.  The Defined Set of Airports Working Group was launched in August and was asked to review existing aircraft deicing fluid usage data -- including the 2002-2005 EPA survey results, data reported in ACRP 11-02/Task 10, and other information sources such as association data, to assist in identifying a list of airports and airlines that satisfy the goals of the program (the Defined Set of Airports).

Ultimately, the final Defined Set of Airports (and airlines serving those airports) included in the report are based predominantly on EPA’s 2002-2005 airport/airline surveys and data collection efforts.  ACI-NA and the other associations will continue to review data and revise the list throughout the course of the Program as necessary.  Participation in the Program is voluntary and is open to any U.S. airport that conducts deicing activities.  Participation in the program does not entail a commitment to install or implement any particular technology or practice, and no airport-specific data will be included in our Program reports.

A key component of the Voluntary Program includes outreach activities to facilitate exchange of information about pollution reduction technologies.   The Report includes a list of outreach activities undertaken by ACI-NA and the Program Partners to date, as well as future planned activities.  

A copy of the report can be found here.   Additionally, you can find the VPRP language, the Q&A sheet and Guiding Principles on ACI-NA’s Environmental Affairs Committee website under "Other Links".