U.S. Winter Storm-February 12 Morning Update


The winter storm affecting the eastern United States has started moving north. Icing conditions will be present across a wide swath extending from Northern Alabama, across Northern Georgia, South Carolina, and Southern Virginia.  Heavy snow is expected across the Southern Appalachian region, moving north into the Mid-Atlantic Region this afternoon and this evening.

The morning update regarding the storm prepared by the National Weather Service is available here

Our colleagues from Airlines for America have shared the following information regarding flight cancelations for major U.S. carriers:​

  • Delta has canceled well over 95% of their scheduled operations in ATL and throughout at their satellite cities in the south. They are at this time focused on recovering their operations Thursday morning.  Plans for Washington and the northeast are still being evaluated at this time, we expect everyone to run as hard as they can today and position their overnight aircraft out of the storms' path.​
  • Southwest has canceled all operations for Air Tran and Southwest today in ATL.  They plan to bring several of their overnight aircraft into ATL tonight to resume operations Thursday morning. Plans for BWI and north are still being evaluated.​
  • US Airways has canceled well over 50% of their mainline operations and 60% of their express operations at CLT and their satellite cities.  They will adjust their operations accordingly based on the ability of the airport to keep runways clear and their de-icing throughput.  DCA and PHL as well as the northeast are still being evaluated.
  • American is in recovery mode at DFW today with a only a few balancing cancellations for crew and equipment.
  • United, Jetblue, Alaska, FedEx, and UPS are keeping an eye to the northeast for tonight into Thursday.  All have pulled down operations at ATL, CLT, and other airports in the Southeast for today.

 What ACI-NA is Doing

ACI-NA will continue to closely monitoring the storm and airline and FAA reactions to it. We have already been in contact with air traffic specialists from IATA and A4A regarding the storm's impacts and will continue to do so as the storm progresses. We will provide updates regarding the storm as appropriate over the next few days. We also know that those of you in the storm's path are also closely monitoring its progress and preparing for its effects and recovery operations afterwards.

If you have information that you want to report or disseminate to the broader airport community regarding the storm, please send it to irops@aci-na.org. We also encourage airport operators to track operational status of the national airspace system either via your local FAA air traffic representatives or via Passur's Airport Information Network.

Points of Contact

Please contact Chris Oswald  or Paul Eubanks if you have questions, comments, or need additional information regarding this topic.