U.S. Sequestration Update--FAA Issues Final Contract Tower Closure List

Executive Summary: Today, the FAA announced the final list of 149 contract towers that will be closed as part of sequestration-related budget cuts. Twenty-four contract towers have been determined to serve national interests and will remain open.  Sixteen contract towers where local cost-sharing agreements are in place will also remain open.

ACI-NA has asked FAA to confirm the status of the 49 FAA-operated towers that were included in FAA's original tower closure list.

Per the FAA's press release, closures of the 149 towers on final list will take place over a four week period beginning on April 7.

Who is Impacted: Airports with contract towers on the FAA's closure list.

What is ACI-NA Doing: ACI-NA is continuing to coordinate with officials from both the FAA Office of Airports and the FAA Air Traffic Organization to ensure tower closures take place safely and that adverse impacts to the National Air Transportation System associated with the closures are minimized. We have also asked the FAA to provide affected airports and us with more detailed information regarding tower decommissioning procedures and next steps. Following tower closures, we will work with affected members to determine the scope and scale of adverse impacts--including safety degradation, capacity constraints, and reductions in aviation activity.

Suggested Airport Actions: ACI-NA encourages affected airport members to report adverse impacts associated with tower closures to us for use in our ongoing discussions with the FAA and members of Congress.  We also encourage affected members to let us know of any legal or other actions you intend to take in response to the final closure announcement.

ACI-NA Contact: Chris Oswald (202-293-4539)