U.S. Sequestration Update--FAA Delays Closure of Contract Towers

Executive Summary: Today, theFAA announced they will be delaying the closure of all 149 federal contract towers until June 15.  FAA has cited several ongoing legal challenges as a reason for the delay stating "This additional time will allow the agency an attempt to resolve multiple legal challenges..."

Who is Impacted: Airports with contract towers on the FAA's closure list.

What is ACI-NA Doing: ACI-NA will be reaching out to officials from both the FAA Office of Airports and the FAA Air Traffic Organization in the next several weeks to better understand the new closure plan. 

Suggested Airport Actions: ACI-NA encourages affected airport members to continue to reach out to their tower contactors and FAA officials to better understand the transition and/or closure of air traffic facilities and equipment.   

ACI-NA Contact: Chris Oswald (202-293-4539)