Thank you for 2012, looking forward to 2013

The Officers of the ACI-NA Business Information Technologies Committee thank you for contributing to a successful 2012. Your enthusiastic support has played a key role in the progress we made this past year. We are counting on your continued engagement and, yes, your investment in the months ahead to move the BIT committee further along on its objective of improving the value we provide to you, our airport and associate members.

In this past year we have initiated several exciting changes thanks to your interest and support:

1.      Creation of an Advisory Group to broaden the participation in Committee decisions and directions. The Advisory Group is comprised of the Officers, a Medium/Small Airport Representative, Canadian Airport Representative, and an Associate Member Representative. With the change to one-year terms for the Chair and Vice Chair, this decision-making body will create greater continuity of intent and direction from year to year.

2.      Definition of eight Themes with named theme co-managers to enhance the continuity of our discussion topics and provide a thematically-related pool of presentation and webinar topics.  The themes and co-managers are:

·         Business Processes and Best Practices: Dave Ruch – MSP, John Payne – Pueblo Technology Group, Inc.

·         Air Side Technologies: Open, Frank Barich – Barich, Inc.

·         Terminal and Land Side Technologies: Peter Aarons – SAN, Pam Bell – Ross and Baruzzini

·         Cyber Security and PCI: Dom Nessi – LAWA, Dr. John McCarthy – ServiceTec

·         Small Airport Challenges: Royce Holden – AVL, Kyle Mobley – Oakland

·         Common Use and Shared Systems: Open, Stu Garrett – ARINC

·         Regulations and Requirements: Committee Leadership, ACI-NA Staff

·         External Coordination: ACI-NA members participating on ACI IT Standing Committee, ACI-NA Staff

3.      Initiated Short Sessions in our conference presentations. These 30-minute discussions introduced new ideas that could be explored in future longer presentations.

4.      Presented our first Webinar on airfield WiFi and the new Boeing 787. We believe offering educational webinars, such as the one offered in November, will increase the number of topics the committee can address over the course of the year, generate interest in new topics and themes and add value to your ACI-NA membership.

5.      Promoted the value of free WiFi at all ACI-NA conferences.

6.      Increased our focus on the unique challenges of Medium/Small Airports through specific topics and guided post-session discussions.

Thank you again for a successful year and we look forward to a bright 2013!

Your BIT Committee Officers and Staff:

Jim Miller, Chair

Royce Holden, Vice Chair

Kiel Barnekov, Vice Chair Elect

William Flowers, Immediate Past Chair

Matt Griffin and Aneil Patel, ACI-NA