Sustainable Airports Workgroup Weighs in on LEED's Applicability to Airports

The Sustainable Airports Workgroup (SAW), an industry group comprised of airport and business partner representatives, formed in 2013 to promote continuous sustainability improvements at airports.  SAW has recently released a working white paper to discuss the challenges and successes associated with implementing U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification system for airport operational, design, and construction activities.  

LEED is an internationally recognized rating system for sustainable green building.  One of the major challenges associated with utilizing LEED standards in airport development projects is that the USGBC does not currently incorporate airport considerations into evolving LEED standards, creating impediments to qualification for LEED credits in many airport projects. The White Paper sets the stage to discuss how airports differ from the commercial buildings that LEED standards are currently geared towards, in order to open up dialogue with USGBC and to set the groundwork for creating a USGBC “Airport User Group.” The hope is that this group would share their knowledge of the unique considerations of airport projects with USGBC in order to expand the applicability of LEED to airports, and enable airports to more easily utilize the LEED green building certification system.  SAW plans to use the White Paper as a starting point for the conversation and to provide context for their upcoming discussion with USGBC representatives during the Sustainable Airport Summit of the Airports Going Green Conference this coming November 2nd. 

View "LEED Use at U.S. Airports: Challenges and Success Stories."