Steering Group Participation Plan 2011

The Standing Committee is the entire Facilitation Committee.  The Committee Steering Group is a small group of Standing Committee members which provides leadership and direction for Committee’s work.

Committee Mission Statement

The Facilitation Committee addresses issues related to the facilitation of legitimate international travel and trade including the improvement of government and industry approaches.  Members of the Committee focus on travel documents and other requirements, international cargo and passenger inspections,  programs, regulations, and fees, inspection facilities, technology, customer service and the interrelationship between facilitation and security.  The Committee develops and advocates legislative and regulatory positions on these issues.  The Committee interacts with government organizations including U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), US-VISIT Program, and State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affair.  Staff and some committee members have served on the CBP Airport and Seaport Inspections Fee Advisory Committee (when active) and on delegations to ICAO.

Committee Participation

  • All employees of ACI-NA members are eligible to participate on the ACI-NA Facilitation Committee.  Each ACI-NA Official Representative is authorized to designate one member as the Principal Contact for the Facilitation Committee.  In addition, any individual employed by an ACI-NA member may join the Facilitation Committee by notifying the ACI-NA committee secretary who will ensure that they are placed on the Facilitation Committee roster and distribution list.
  • Airport employee:  An airport employee is a person employed by an ACI-NA airport member.  This includes an airport authority or governmental body (.e.g., city, county, or a port which operates multiple transportation systems or an airport third party operator.)
  • Associate employee:  An associate employee is a person employed by an ACI-NA associate member.
  • Canadian participation:  The Facilitation Committee and Steering Group shall encourage participation by ACI-NA Canadian members.  The Steering Group will also coordinate with the Canadian Airports Council to encourage active Canadian participation and input.

Steering Group Participation

  • The Facilitation Steering Group may have up to 22 members.   The Group will include:  Facilitation Committee Leadership, Officers and airport and associate employees.  Airport members should account for 70% of the Steering Group members.
  • The Steering Group should strive to include at least two Canadian airport members and three associate members.
  • The Facilitation Committee should strive to have representative mix of members on the Steering Group based on traffic, geographic location and expertise.
  • There should be only one representative on the Steering Group for any airport or associate member.

Committee Leadership

The Leadership of the Facilitation Committee and the Steering Group:  Chair, Vice Chair, and Immediate Past Chair. 

  • Chair:  Two year term.  Must have a minimum of one year on the Facilitation Committee Steering Group and be an airport employee. 
  • Vice-Chair:  Two year term.  Must have a minimum of one year on the Facilitation Committee Steering Group and be an airport employee.  The Vice-Chair is recommended by the Committee Secretary in consultation with the Steering Group and subject to the approval by the First Vice-Chair of the ACI-NA Board of Directors.  The Vice-Chair will become the Chair for the following year. 
  • Immediate Past Chair: Two year term.  Must have served in the previous year as the Chair of the Facilitation Committee Chair and be an airport employee.

Committee Officers

The Committee Officers are:  Board Liaison and Commissioner Liaison.

  • ACI-NA Board Liaison:  May be appointed annually by the ACI-NA Chairman
  • ACI-NA Commissioners’ Liaison:  May be appointed annually by the ACI-NA Commissioners’ Committee. 

Terms and Procedures for Steering Group Members

  • Initially, the Steering Group members in non-leadership positions will have one year terms so that there is flexibility as ACI-NA members and staff gain experience with the Committee structure.  However, they will not be barred from seeking to continue their participation on the Steering Group in subsequent years.
  • The ACI-NA Committee Secretary will send an e-mail to all Facilitation Committee members including Canadian and associate members to solicit interest in participating on the Steering Group toward the end of each calendar year for the following year.  The Secretary will contact individuals who are active on facilitation issues to encourage their participation and enlist the assistance of the Leadership as appropriate.
  • Any member of the Facilitation Committee can seek to be on the Steering Group for the following year.  If more than 22 individuals seek to participate on the Steering Group, the Committee Secretary will consult with the Leadership to determine which members should be rotated off the Steering Group to allow for participation by new volunteers.   
  • If experience shows that regular turnover on the Steering Group does not open enough slots for interested airports and associates, the ACI-NA Steering Group and staff will revise the Participation Plan to encourage more changeover on the Steering Group e.g. provide for an election process.

Change in Employment

  • If a Steering Group member is no longer employed by an ACI-NA member, his or her term ends immediately.  If the member is in a Leadership position, the normal succession outlined in the Committee Leadership Section will be implemented.  Otherwise, the Committee in consultation with the Leadership and the Steering Group will seek to fill the vacancy as appropriate.
  • If the Steering Group member changes employment from one ACI-NA airport or associate member to another ACI-NA member airport or associate that is or is not already represented on the Steering Group, he or she may serve the remainder of the term as long as the participation is supported by the new employer.
  • If a Steering Group member who is in the Leadership changes employment from an ACI-NA member airport to an associate, he or she must resign from the leadership position, but may serve the remainder of the term on the Steering Group.  The normal succession outlined in the Committee Leadership section will be implemented.

Working Groups and Task Forces

  • Working Groups are defined as a group of committee members that advise the Committee Steering Group on issues and conference programming related to a specific subject area.
  • Task Forces are defined as a group of committee members established for a finite period of time for a specific purpose or task as determined by the Steering Group.
  • Working Groups or Task Forces may be initiated as deemed necessary by the Facilitation Committee Leadership.
  • Working Groups and Task Forces may be discontinued or inactivated if their work is accomplished or as deemed necessary by the Facilitation Committee Leadership.
  • Working Groups and Task Forces should have a Chair and Vice Chair that are appointed by the Facilitation Committee Leadership.  The Working Group or Task Force Chair or their designee will be responsible for making progress reports during Steering Group or Committee meetings or calls.
  • Any member of the Facilitation Committee may request and is eligible to participate on an ACI-NA Facilitation Working Group or Task Force.

Meetings and Calls

  • The Steering Group probably will meet in conjunction with the full ACI-NA Facilitation Committee and thus normally will not hold separate meetings.  However, conference calls may be scheduled as needed for the full Committee or the Steering Group.  There may be times when some meetings, parts of some meetings, and/or calls will be available only to airport members or selected airport members because of topics or governmental concerns.
  • The Facilitation Committee is expected to meet:
  • In conjunction with ACI-NA Annual Conference.
  • In conjunction with ACI-NA International Aviation Issues Seminar, Washington, DC, November/December
  • In conjunction with U.S. Customs and Border Protection Airport and Seaport Inspections User Fee Advisory Committee, Washington, DC.  CBP determines the dates for its meetings and has not held one in 1½ years.