Stats And Resources

AirportInfo -  rovides a valuable resource on airport analysis, key issues and polices affecting the industry. This electronic publication is presented in bite-size chunks in specific subject areas.

ACI-NA Surveys - The Economic Affairs and Research Department produces various ACI-NA branded surveys to support policy advocacy and help airports benchmark operational statistics to industry standards.

Airport Traffic Reports - North America handles more passengers and cargo than any other worldwide region - more than half of the world's busiest 20 airports are in our region. The following statistics represent estimates for every ACI-NA member airport.

Airport Infrastructure Needs Study - ACI-NA’s Airport Infrastructure Needs Survey (formerly known as the Capital Needs Survey) estimates capital development costs for the airports that comprise the national airport system of the United States, as defined by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Fact Sheets - Information Briefs produced by ACI-NA Staff on topics such as Passenger Facility Charges, Airport Improvement Program, NextGen and many more.

Passenger Services Survey - To observe what services and amenities our members offer the millions of diverse passengers passing through their facilities each year. ACI-NA composes an updated, accurate list of both amenities and services provided at each airport.

Resource Center - The ACI-NA Resource Center is a comprehensive source of information for members of the airport community. It is password protected and therefore is only available to ACI-NA members.

Travelers Tools - Tools to make your trip through the airport as fast and comfortable as possible.

ACRP Reports - The 10 most recent research papers for the Airports Cooperative Research Program, part of the Transportation Research Board.

Industry Economic Studies - Over 50 links to recent economic studies, forecasts and other government and industry reports. And, over 60 links to recent economic impact studies completed by U.S. and Canadian airports