Special Election Now Underway

Because of two recent retirements there are now two positions open on the ACI-NA's Marketing and Communications Committee Steering Group for U.S. airports. In keeping with the Committee's 2011 Participation Plan (http://www.aci-na.org/sites/default/files/marcom_participation_plan_0.pdf) these two positions are to be filled by a special election. This is you ballot to fill those positions.

In January, a call for nominations netted 13 candidates. A Nominations Committee screened the candidates and recommended two to the Steering Group. The Steering Group is now submitting for your consideration:


___  Karen Ellis, Houston Airport System, Director of Customer Service

___  Jessica Miller, Fort Wayne-Allen County Airport, Air Service & Community Relations Manager


The Plan also directs that space be provided for write-in candidates. The candidates who receive the majority of the votes cast will be seated on March 13.

The deadline for submitting this ballot is Friday, Feb. 28.

Each committee member is limited to one ballot.

Here is the link to the ballot:



If you have any questions, please contact a current Steering Group member or the ACI-NA staff.


Thank you!


Tom Smith

Committee Secretary

ACI-NA Senior Communications Director