President Obama Signs the No Hassle Flying Act of 2012

On December 20, President Obama signed the No Hassle Flying Act of 2012 into law. This law, which gives the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) discretion to determine whether checked baggage on arriving pre-cleared flights should be rescreened, was passed by the Senate on November 29 and the House of Representatives on December 12.

This is a major victory in ACI-NA’s multi-year effort to eliminate the unnecessary and duplicative rescreening of checked baggage arriving in the United States from Preclearance airports, and will allow TSA staff to be used more efficiently. ACI-NA President Greg Principato issued a statement applauding the President for signing the bill stating that “…implementation of the law will greatly improve the customer experience and improve efficiency for cross-border travel. We will work with the agency to quickly implement policy changes that allow TSA’s resources to be used more efficiently and effectively.”

ACI-NA has been in contact with TSA to urge a prompt revision of procedures at the affected airports to eliminate the duplicative screening. While TSA could not provide specifics, as the agency is currently formulating its plan to implement the provisions of the Act, they did commit to discuss the checked baggage preclearance protocol with ACI-NA in the near future.