Now Accepting Nominations for Open Steering Group Positions!

Nominations are being accepted for a number of open committee leadership positions on the ACI-NA Environmental Affairs Committee.  Elections will take place during the Steering Group meeting on September 24th, 2016 in Montreal, Quebec during the ACI-NA/ACI World Annual Conference / World Annual General Assembly.  I encourage any interested member to nominate themselves for any of the following open positions:

• 3 At-large airport member positions (2 U.S. positions, 1 Canadian position)

• 5 At-large associate member positions

• Air Quality Working Group Co-Chair

• Land Use Working Group Co- Chair

• Natural Resources Chair

• NEPA Chair

• Noise Working Group Co-chair

• Sustainability Working Group co-chair

• Waste Management Working Group Co-chair

• Water Quality Working Group Co-chair

These positions provide an opportunity to contribute to the advancement of North American airports' environmental/sustainability goals and objectives.  Many Steering Group members find participation a valuable professional development and networking experience.  The Environmental Steering Group has a broad range of committee matters to address: policy development, implementation and advocacy; conference program planning; and development of ACI-NA – wide environmental goals and policies.   

The general process for Steering Group members is detailed in the Participation Plan; but key considerations and dates for this position follow:

  1. Nominations are due Friday, September 2nd, 2016 (submit to Katherine Preston, Candidates should self-nominate
  2. Election of new members to the Steering Group will be held on Sept. 24th (at the Steering Group Meeting during the Environmental Affairs Workshop in Montreal in conjunction with the ACI-NA/ World Annual Conference). 
  3. At-large Airport and at-large Associate members of the Steering group serve 3 year terms with possibility of re-election (no term limits).
  4. Working Group Chairs and Co-Chairs serve 2 year terms with possibility of re-election (no term limits).
  5. Candidates from airports will be given priority for consideration of the Working Group Chair positions
  6. Candidates from airports and organizations not currently represented on the Steering Group will be given priority to ensure balanced representation
  7. Candidates are expected to be able to attend two in-person meetings per year (Spring conference, Annual Conference, January Steering Group meeting and specialty topic conferences may all count towards this requirement)

Relevant documents are linked below. If you have trouble accessing any of these documents please let me know and I will email them to you separately:

  • Nomination form
  • Leadership time commitment document
  • Environmental Committee Steering Group Participation Plan
  • Environmental Committee 2015 work plan
  • Current Steering Group membership list

We hope you consider this opportunity.  If you have any questions about any of the roles, feel free to contact Katherine at, or (202) 660-2143.

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