New Working Group - Wellness Working Group

The focus of this working group will be to develop best practices for an airport, regardless of size and budget, to create an effective wellness program that supports health as a serious business and economic strategy.


  1. Collect and develop best practices from member airports on current wellness programs in place.
  2. Establish guidelines to determine ROI for individual programs, including reductions in health care costs for employers as well as increases in performance and productivity for employees.
  3. Provide a model for airports to use in creating a wellness program, focusing on categorizing levels based on employer commitment.
  4. Provide guidance on changing the culture and vision of the airport to one where the employer is committed to improving the health and well-being of its workforce.
  5. Develop strategies to engage the entire workforce.
  6. Develop strategies to enable employees to become self-leaders in maintaining their health and overall performance.