New Sustainability Newsletter Available!

The Sustainability Working Group leadership is pleased to announce the publication of the latest ACI-NA Sustainability newsletter (click here to download)!  

This information-packed edition opens with a blog post by ACI-NA Sustainability Working Group Co-Chairs Paul Manasjan (SAN) and Nate Kimball (PANYNJ).  Paul and Nate discuss recent industry trends and describe the working group's exciting initiative to develop an organization-wide sustainability plan for ACI-NA.  

Readers can also learn about the largest photovoltaic solar array in Minnesota, currently being installed at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.  When completed later this year, the solar panels are expected to produce up to 20% of the airport's energy needs at peak load! 

We are particularly excited that one of the contributors this month is Rob Wigington, President and CEO of the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority and the current Environmental Affairs Committee Board Liaison.  Rob and fellow BNA employee Christine Vitt discuss the many sustainability initiatives at Nashville International Airport (BNA) in the "Green Airport Spotlight". 

These are just a few of the highlights from this excellent edition - click on the newsletter to see more!  Once again, a huge thanks goes out to all of the contributors and the members who volunteer their time to put together this newsletter - it would not happen without them!

For more information about the Sustainability working group or the Environmental Affairs Committee, please contact Katherine Preston at