A New Mar-Com is Coming.

Its Time to Think Out-of-the-Box and Design It

As we discussed in Atlanta during the ACI-NA Marketing and Communications Conference, ACI-NA, at the Board’s direction, will be making some major changes to several of our conferences in 2015.  These changes include de-coupling JumpStart® from the Marketing and Communications Conference. Other changes include shifting the Concessions Conference into a major spring 2015 conference with the working title of The Business of Airports.

The change for our Committee presents an opportunity to step back and examine just what the Committee would like to accomplish with the Marketing and Communications Conference in 2015 and beyond. This is an opportunity – if we choose – to go back to the drawing board and start from scratch.

To that end, the Committee’s Steering Group has formed a Long-Term Planning Mar-Com Working Group to explore the various options for the structure, content and purpose of the 2015 Marketing Conferences – Including the June Marketing and Communications Conference and what have been the biannual January seminars – Media Relations and Customer Service.

Please note, this particular working group will be focused on the future of the Marketing and Communications Conference.  A separate working group will be formed in the coming months to work out the structure for JumpStart 2015 and the Air Service Planning and Data Seminar.

A core group signed up for this Long-Term Planning Mar-Com Working Group when we met in Atlanta, but we need a wider cross-section of interested volunteers. Our first meeting to get organize and map out a scope of work will be next Thursday, July 25, at 3 p.m. Eastern.

If you are not sure you want to get involved, but want more information, please join us on the call. At this point, comments and suggestions on how we get from now to 2015 are most welcome! Please contact Tom Smith of the ACI-NA staff for more information.