Nashville International Airport


The Economic Impacts of MNAA Airports


Author: Wilbur Smith Associates

Date: November 2007


Why the Study?

We wanted to have data to show Airport Authority’s impact on the regional economy and quality of life.

End users: All MNAA Departments use the economic impact study information on some level, but primarily Business Development, Properties, Air Service, Corporate Communications, Government Relations and the Executive  Team use the information.

Target audience: General public, but more specifically, economic development entities, government officials and potential business relocations, etc.

Our last Economic Impact Study was completed in 2007.  We don’t necessarily scheduled economic studies the way we would master plans; the need to update the economic study is as much base on changes in the industry, local conditions, and the economy as the study becoming stale.  We typically do the entire study at once rather than portioning it out.

These studies typically cost somewhere between $100,000 and $150,000.

We certainly encourage local colleges to respond, and we make them aware of the study, but we do not limit our search to local resources.

I don’t plan to use airport resources for the study we will be initiating next year.  We have, however, used such resources in our master plan update.


Communication Strategy

We held a news conference to announce the findings, distributed a news release and fact sheet, posted the information on our website and use the fact sheet in marketing kits. We also use the data in news releases, newsletters and letters to our passengers, legislators, business community members, etc.

We feel the efforts were successful, but it is difficult to measure

No paid or in-kind advertising was used to share the information. Other promotional efforts were included in our PR/Advertising budget.

On the website, but not very prominently

Supporting materials


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