Marketing Your Airport to Your Community

Ad Hoc Working Group Formed for Airport Marketing Project


Meeting 1 – May 25


Barbara Prossen, San Antonio

Dianna Page Kissel, Evansville-Vanderburgh Airport Authority District

Myrna Mendez, Wayne County Airport Authority

Rosa Beckett,Jacksonville Aviation Authority

Sharon Sarmiento, Unison Consulting

Terrie-Ann Betancourt, Seattle, committee chair

Lucinda Harshman, Pittsburgh, committee vice chair

Tom Smith, ACI-NA staff

Stephenie Brooks, ACI-NA staff

Morgan Dye, ACI-NA staff


Next meeting: June 20, Cleveland, 4:15 p.m., Grand Ballroom B




Determined that the 21st Century product should be digital, not a binder or print guide.

Best course would be to create a Resource Center on the ACI-NA website.

The website can be built gradually as “chapters” are completed and these “chapters” can be enhanced and/or update over time.

Possible end goal would be to create a method to keep it fresh in future years.

While it is a digital resource, a paper guide or map to site to familiarize everyone with what’s there and how it can used should be created and widely circulated.

The Resource Center or Tool Kit should be structured so that the material can be approached from several different mindsets. Possible elements:

  •  A simple list of tools (print, TV, billboard, social media) and how to best find and use them in your community
  •  A guide how to build an information campaign for a specific audience: businesses, airlines, neighbors, etc
  • A list of potential information resources and how to best tap the information in the most effective way for a specific audience.
  • A list of templates – fill-in the blanks sample announcements.

Suggested that each topic be listed as a navigation tab on the website.

A key element of many presentations/messages will be the economic impact of the airport with information targeted to specific audiences. Sharon Sarmiento, a number-cruncher at Unison, offered to provide guidance on mining and formatting information from an economic impact report. This could include do’s and don’ts examples.

A section of the Tool Kit needs to be focused on the general aviation community since some of the airport Authorities have GA airports. Again, a different audience (including different neighborhood issues) with different messaging requirements.

How to and when to use social media in marketing the airport to different audiences. This session could focus more on the messaging concepts and then refer to our new Social Media Resources Center (a summer project) for the nuts and bolts stuff.

For the Cleveland meeting

Tom will bring the 1990’s era binders to look over (digital versions don’t exist). If there are elements to be updated, we will then scan and circulate those pages.

To draw more to the project:

  • Each volunteer will reach out and specifically invite one more person to get involved.
  • An invitation will be sent to the registered attendees
  • A note will be sent to the directors asking them to urge their staff to get involved. ACI-NA will check on this option.
  •  In Cleveland, each working group chair will urge their members to attend the meeting.


·         Rosa volunteered to be a co-chair, but she will not be able to attend the Cleveland meeting.

·         It was suggested to have a co-chair from each industry segment: marketing, air service and customer service to coordinate their respective areas of the Tool Kit. Then one chair to oversee all?

·         It was suggested that group select its leaders in the Cleveland meeting.

·         In the meantime, Terri-Ann and Lucinda will lead the Cleveland meeting.

Suggested Agenda for June 20 Meeting in Cleveland

            a) Explain the concept

            b) Show examples from the early 1990s

            c) Solicit ideas

            d) Map out timetable

            e) Select the group’s leaders

            f) Seek volunteers for specific tasks

            g) Set up meetings