Mar-CommCommittee Embarks on Special Projects

The ACI-NA Marketing and Communications Committee is about to embark on three projects and we need your help and expertise.

At the ACI-NA Board’s invitation, the Steering Group earlier this year agreed to work on three projects over the next year. The completed projects will help individual committee members at their airports and the industry as a whole.

Two of the projects will involve your participation in a survey and perhaps some follow-up interviews. The third project is admittedly an ambitious one that will need a number of volunteers to complete.

So the big one first . . .

Marketing Your Airport to Your Community.  In this project, we want to develop a tool kit to help airports communicate the value of their airport to stakeholders, who would include local elected officials, business leaders, educators, the local tourism industry and your incumbent carriers. With the tools in this kit, we can wage a campaign to secure local support for airport projects as well as the retention – and expansion – of air service.

More than 20 years ago, the committee put together a similar took kit. It is about time to do it again!

We are not going into this with any preconceived ideas. We are looking for your ideas and suggestions as to what tools, props, templates, etc. we can provide to help our colleagues be successful.

We are looking for volunteers from all niches of the airport marketing community. Each of you has a special insight into how to tailor the message to reach a specific audience. We are looking for idea people, those thinking out of the box, creative folks, wordsmiths, social media gurus, graphic designers, photographers and number crunchers!

And, a special invitation goes out to our associate members. This is your chance to use your marketing expertise, skills and creative juices in a way the will pay big dividends with the airports. Please join us!

If you are interested, please e-mail Tom Smith on the ACI-NA staff ( to join this project.

Once a core group steps forward, we will have an organizational meeting via teleconference in May. It is important to note that this is a Committee project to be guided and led by Committee volunteers and not an ACI-NA staff project. The ACI-NA staff will be there to help and facilitate the meetings.

On Monday, June 20 – at the start of the Marketing and Communications Conference in Cleveland – we will have a project meeting. If you’d like to join the project in a minor or major capacity, please attend. The meeting with be primarily a brainstorming session and then mapping out a plan to bring the project to fruition. To be realistic, we hope to have the tool kit ready for the Board’s review and input by next February.

The other two projects . . .

On the new ACI-NA website (it is still under construction), there will be a resource center for our committee. We would like to build a Best Practices resource center for both Social Media and Customer Service.

During the Media Relations and Customer Service working group meetings in Cleveland on June 20, we will be asking for your suggestions on what should be in these resource centers. Specifically, we will be asking for items to be included in surveys that will go out in July.

Once the survey goes online in July, please take the time to answer the questions!

If you are in Cleveland for the conference, please arrive by 3 p.m. so that you can participate in these working group meetings. And remember, the early bird registration deadline is May 19.

If you have any questions, please give me a call or drop me a line.

Please call or email Tom Smith at ACI-NA and let him know how you would like to get involved!


Terri-Ann Betancourt, APR
Chair, ACI-NA Marketing and Communications Steering Group
Interim Director, Public Affairs, Port of Seattle