Let’s Get Technical at Ops Tech

Posted on Centerlines Blog on Oct. 15 by Chris Oswald
ACI-NA’s Operations & Technical Affairs Committee kicked off its two-day preconference seminar in San Diego today with presentations from aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus.

Boeing’s Karen-Dix Colony noted that the new generation B787 and B747-8F—the first versions of which have just been delivered to launch customers ANA and Cargolux—will have impacts on airports, particularly with respect to aircraft parking positions. Airbus’ Daniel Cohen-Nir discussed the status of the A350 program and made similar points with respect to the A350s parking position requirements. He also discussed the A380 program, noting the surprisingly good takeoff and landing performance of the aircraft. Both presenters stressed the improved fuel efficiency, longer ranges, and reduced noise impacts associated with the new generation aircraft.

The committee’s second session focused on a topic of increasing importance in this challenging economic environment—how to make the right decision when assessing whether to maintain, rehabilitate, or rebuild existing airport facilities. Joe Chang and Jeff Schulthess from Ricondo & Associates presented the results from their recent ACRP project on the topic while Joe Mahaz from EDI described how asset management systems can help airports make these decisions. Sam Sleiman from Massport wrapped up the session with an airport perspective and described how Massport is using its asset management system to make rehab/replacement decisions.

Ops/Tech sessions continue this afternoon with Committee Working Group presentations, ACI-NA’s Washington Update, and the committees ever-popular Airport/World Business Partner Roundtable. If you’re here with us in San Diego, stop by Room 6F and get technical.