Legal Affairs Committee Meeting - 2015 Annual Conference

October 3 - 4, 2015  – Long Beach, CA

Below are the speaker presentations presented during the 2015 ACI-NA Legal Affairs Committee Meeting on October 3rd and 4th prior to the 2015 ACI-NA Annual Conference and Exhibition in Long Beach, CA.



October 3rd

Airport-Airline Relationships Pt. I -- Basics of Airport-Airline Use Agreements

Airport-Airline Relationships Pt. II – Negotiating Agreements in the Current Airline Environment

How Can Airports Address Disruptive Technologies in the Rental Car/Car Sharing/Ride-Booking Industries?

October 4th

Privacy and Data Breach Concerns of Airports

Promoting inclusiveness in airport procurement/ contracting, in the wake of various statutory, constitutional or judicial prohibitions

Fundamental Legal Concerns regarding non-aeronautical development and non-terminal aeronautical buildings

Fundamentals of Airport Financing  - Basic and Innovative Financing Techniques; Avoiding Revenue Use Problems