John Wagner, Executive Director, Admissibility and Passenger Programs, Customs and Border Protection

Model Ports Initiative

  • Wagner described the initiative as a “great success”.  Model Ports have established joint working groups with airport authorities and carriers.
  • CBP has developed a Customer Survey which will be conducted in spring 2011.  Its results in combination with the comment cards will be used to benchmark passenger satisfaction.

Global Entry

  • Global Entry has reduced average wait times for enrollees by more than 70%.
  • The 131 kiosks have been used nearly 800,000 times which is equal to about 16, 600 hours of CBP inspection time.
  • CBP is in discussions with Germany, Japan, Korea and the United Kingdom to expand the benefits of Global Entry beyond qualifying US citizens, legal permanent residents, and Dutch and Mexican citizens.

Pilot Programs

  • OneStop Pilot at IAH allows passengers without baggage to exit the Federal Inspection Service area more quickly.
  • Express Connection at five airports designates lanes for passengers with tight connections.
  • CBP is developing a set of guidelines to implement Express Connection at other airports.

Electronic System for Travel Authorization

  • Compliance rate of Visa Waiver Program (VWP) passengers is 99%.
  • ESTA implementation paved the way for the elimination of the paper I-94 form which has resulted in a 58% reduction in inspection time for VWP passengers.
  • CBP is looking at the possibility of the eliminating the paper I-94 form.

Pre-Departure Screening---Pushing Out US Borders

  • CBP’s Immigration Advisory Program involves posting CBP officers at key foreign airports to assist in pre-screening through document examination and interviewing.  The IAP officers make recommendations to airlines not to board certain passengers.
  • CBP’s Regional Carrier Liaison Groups based in HNL, JFK and MIA are also involved in pre-departure targeting for high-risk passengers and assisting US citizens with document problems.

Panel I:

  • Nicole Lamb-Hale, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Manufacturing and Services
  • David T. Donahue, Deputy Assistant Secretary for State for Visa Services
  • John Wagner, Executive Director, Admissibility and Passenger Programs, Office of Field Operations, Customs and Border Protection, Department of Homeland Security.

Panel II:

  • Stephen J. Cloobeck, Chairman, Corporation for Travel Promotion
  • Nancy Johnson, Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer, Carlson Hotels, Americas
  • John Sprouls, CEO, Universal Orlando Resort, and Executive Vice President, Universal Parks and Resorts
  • Roger Dow, President and CEO, U.S. Travel Association


Panel I:

Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) asked Mr. Wagner what CBP had learned from model ports.  Mr. Wagner said that CBP still has a lot of work to still do with the airports who are participating, but he said that he thinks CBP has provided a nicer environment for tourists to come into.  He said that there had been a lot of cooperation from the airports.