Creative Innovations - Promotional Items: 3rd Place

jetSet Parking

Edmonton International Airport

Airport Entry Form

jetSet Parking opened in September 2010 as the first airport parking lot in Canada to offer an online reservation system as well as full service WestJet check-in and bag drop. jetSet Parking’s business model is to encourage passengers to reserve their parking online in advance of their travel. jetSet’s online rate structure motivates customers by offering tiered discounts that increase the earlier in advance the booking is made. jetSet’s initial growth strategy was to increase EIA’s total parking market share by transitioning parkers from independent lots through low price leadership, proximity to the airport, and a wide service offering. As jetSet matured and succeeded as a well known airport parking provider with a solid customer base, its strategic focus has shifted to broadening this base through community partnerships and a strong presence in social media.

In 2012, jetSet partnered with many high profile groups and events in order to broaden market reach and grow its customer base. jetSet used promotional items in each instance to help support this initiative:

1. The Edmonton Eskimos Canadian Football League (CFL) team: jetSet was present at each game with our Edmonton Eskimos branded coach parked at one of the main entry gates. jetSet’s street team was on-site at each game giving away jetSet branded candies and parking coupons. jetSet produced and distributed 5,000 thundersticks in-stadium at one of the Eskimos home games which included a built-in promotion code encouraging fans to book their next parking stay to receive 50% off! jetSet also sponsored the final regular season game’s kick to win on-field contest with a $5,000 travel voucher.
2. WestJet Airlines, a renewed partnership since 2010: jetSet continues to partner with WestJet on their service offering as well as on promotional objectives. Together with WestJet, jetSet sponsored 2 on-field Eskimos promotions during the 2012 season with the ‘Find a Flight’ contest. Here, an Eskimos fan was chosen at random to land a model WestJet plane on the jetSet target based on the crowd’s cheers. These contests were performed in front of audiences of 35,000 and 40,000.
3. The Grand Prix IndyCar Series: jetSet showcased its product offering to thousands of Indy spectators with a constant fairway presence and the branded jetSet Indy car that competed in the 2012 series. The jetSet street team was on-site with our shuttle bus distributing branded ear plugs for Indy spectators to use during the races.
4. Multiple Business & Trade Corporations: jetSet expanded its customer base to a business audience by offering parking at a discount to corporations willing to sign a preferred parking partnership agreement coined the ‘Very Important Parker Program’. jetSet has secured partnerships with 19 corporations in Edmonton including larger players such as the Edmonton Public School Board, the University of Alberta, Northlands, Edmonton Economic Development Corporation, and the Building Trades of Alberta. Employees of each partner are given jetSet introductory packages which include a passport holder filled with jetSet collateral. Partnership coordinators and executives are also given jetSet journals, pens and golf shirts.

Aside from community partnership, jetSet also created tissue packages designed to be placed in vehicle consoles upon a valet customer’s return. Tissue packages were also available at the jetSet main office. Each tissue package included a custom promotion code which entitled the customer to 15% off their next online reservation. Tissue packages were distributed between December 2012 to present, allowing jetSet to capitalize on the cold and flu season.

Project Goals: 

• • To grab audience attention and assist in driving a purchase decision
• To enhance jetSet’s overall image and broaden its customer base by getting exposure in front of mass public audiences
• To educate and encourage customers to book online with the use of a promo code
• To add excitement to the overall advertising message by giving potential customers something tangible to hang on to and use
• To foster win/win community partnerships


• Internal resources were responsible for the design of promotional items, the planning and logistics of overall events and contests, as well as the coordination and management of all giveways and street team efforts
• Various partners assisted in designing the pieces supporting the on-field contest
• Various suppliers did the production


• Promotional Code on Thundersticks saw 204 direct online reservations within its 1 week validation period
• Promotional Code on Tissue Packages saw 116 direct online reservations between January 15, 2013 – February 28, 2013
• In 2012, the number of online reservations increased by 89%
• Year over year, jetSet grew by 54% overall


EIA’s Total Budget: $33,000
WestJet supplied Find a Flight contest prizing: $5000
Eskimos provided advertising exposure based on a 2012 contra advertising agreement value at $100,000

Estimated total value: $138,000

Entry Files:

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