Insurance & Risk Management Committee’s Phase III: Airport Construction Insurance Coverage Requirements Survey

In an ongoing effort to assist members in assessing the adequacy of insurance coverage requirements, the Insurance & Risk Management Committee’s Finance and Insurance Working Group developed a comprehensive survey regarding construction project insurance specifications, that are neither Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIP) nor Contractor Controlled Insurance Program (CCIP), and that addresses contractual insurance requirements for various types of services.

This survey is the third phase in the committee’s insurance coverage requirements study, as Phase I of the project analyzed the insurance and indemnification section of airport and airline use/lease agreements, and Phase II covered airport food and beverage, retail concessionaires and other space agreements for use of Airport property. Phase III focuses on the types and amounts of insurance coverage an airport requires for construction projects that are not included in controlled insurance programs (wrap-ups) of any kind. The results of this survey will assist members in determining the limits and coverages airports are requiring of their construction contractors.

The survey results are available for download by clicking here.