Impacting Airports: The FAA Shutdown


Update: Obama Signs Bill Ending Partial FAA Shutdown, CNN, Aug. 5


ACI-NA's Efforts to End the FAA Shutdown

Before adjourning for its summer break, Congress failed to adopt an extension of the FAA operating authority, which had expired on July 22. The partial shutdown is now anticipated to last until Congress returns to Washington after Labor Day.

ACI-NA has been working tirelessly with our airport and associate members to contact Congress to ensure full comprehension of the impact of the shutdown on airport safety, security and capacity projects. ACI-NA has also been reaching out proactively with the media to ensure that the “airport story” was included in the coverage.

In an effort to highlight the impact of the shutdown, ACI-NA has solicited from member airports any “local impact” stories about their operations. In turn in interviews with national and trade press, ACI-NA has pointed to these local incidents and examples of the impact on operations and jobs.

Armed with this information, ACI-NA has been tweeting since last July 22 “broadcasting” these incidents to the policy makers, including congressional representatives, and the news media that follow the ACI-NA (#airportscouncil) twitter account.

Notices to the airport directors:

ACI-NA Online Commentary:

FAA Online Tracking of Stop Work Orders, updated daily


Here is a sampling of the local impact stories ACI-NA has collected. The bulk of these have been disseminated on Twitter: