Hurricane Joaquin

ACI-NA is monitoring Hurricane Joaquin and any potential impact it may have on airports located along the east coast of the United States and Canada.

As noted in the 1100 EDT forecast discussion from the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Joaquin is currently a Category 1 storm with maximum sustained winds of 80mph. The storm’s center is located approximately 215 miles east-northeast of the central Bahamas is moving southwest at approximately 5mph.

Confidence in the details of the track forecast remains low and a wide range of outcomes is possible, from a direct impact of a major hurricane along the U.S. East Coast to a track of Joaquin out to sea and away from the coast.

ACI-NA is working closely with A4A and IATA personnel located at the Air Traffic Control U.S. Command Center should any potential impacts arise for U.S. airports located along the east coast. Additionally, in the coming days we will continue to post relevant updates as the storm continues its northward track.

Please note, with the start of the ACI-NA Annual Conference and Exhibition in Long Beach, California this upcoming weekend, ACI-NA will be setting up a dedicated workroom space (“war room”) for airport operations and technical affairs staff that potentially could be affected by Hurricane Joaquin.