Hot IT Topics Get Even Hotter in PHX

The 2011 ACI-NA Business Information Technology Conference, held concurrently with the Airport Economics and Human Capital Conference, wrapped-up last week in Phoenix.

The conference hosted more than 100 participants for a variety of sessions on topics ranging from Building Information Management to Airline Operations and Revenue Data Collection.  Although the normal IT topics are always discussed, the recurring topic of data collection and reporting continues to be of most interest.  Airports continue to look to outside industries for best practices and methods on data issues ranging from the development of key performance indicators, the collection of this data from systems that may already be in-place, and the most efficient way of reporting that data to the airport executives.

Another hot topic that will only get hotter in the months and years to come is the proliferation of mobile devices.  During the Mobile Device Trends session, speakers discussed the background of this relatively young industry and how airport operators might deal with not only the traveling public, but their employees and tenants.  It was interesting to note that during the session, one speaker asked for any smartphone users in the crowd to raise their hands and nearly every person looked-up from their phone and raised their hand.  The session also featured a presentation from our host airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor, on a number of cutting edge applications they have rolled out to the employees and passengers; including the use of QR codes (think a fancy barcode that contains certain information or instructions) in restrooms to the more common Part 139 inspection application being used by PHX Operations personnel.

Overall, the meeting was a large success and we plan on providing updates on many of these topics and many new ones this fall in San Diego during the BIT Committee’s two-day pre-conference seminar.

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