Global Entry Expanded to Mexico

On Dec. 29, U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced the ability of Mexican citizens to participate in the Global Entry international registered traveler program and the ability for NEXUS and SENTRI members to utilize Global Entry kiosks. Global Entry allows pre-screened, low-risk travelers to bypass the traditional CBP lines and instead complete all entry formalities through the use of touch-screen kiosks located in the arrivals area. 

ACI-NA has long urged CBP to expand the Global Entry program to foreign nationals and to harmonize the program with other CBP-administered trusted traveler programs. To that end, ACI-NA plans to file comments in support of these actions. 

Pursuant to Phase 1 of an agreement reached between the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Secretariat of Governance of the United Mexican States, beginning today, Mexican nationals will be able to apply for participation in the Global Entry program. The process for applying is the same as for U.S. citizens. Interested parties must apply online (, pay the non-refundable $100 application fee and successfully complete a thorough risk assessment by both the US and Mexican governments. Phase 2 of the agreement will allow U.S. citizens to participate in Mexico’s registered traveler program, once such a program is up and running. 

Additionally, CBP is allowing members of its existing NEXUS and SENTRI registered traveler programs to use the Global Entry system. Existing NEXUS members will receive notice from CBP informing the participant to log-on to their GOES account and confirm their eligibility to use Global Entry. The participant will be notified if he or she is eligible to begin using the system immediately or if they need to visit a Global Entry enrollment center to provide any missing information (e.g. fingerprints or passport information). 

A SENTRI member who is a Mexican national will be able to use the Global Entry system upon completion of a thorough risk assessment by the Mexican government. SENTRI members will receive notification from CBP of their eligibility to participate in Global Entry. They will need to log-on to their GOES account and check the appropriate box indicating their wish to participate. By checking the box, they authorize the US government to release all relevant information to the Mexican government for purposes of conducting the risk assessment. The SENTRI member may also be required to visit an enrollment center to provide missing information such as fingerprints.