Fall 2012 Operations & Technical Affairs Pre-Conference Seminar

Sept. 8-9, 2012  ♦ Calgary

Attached are the speaker presentations provided during the 2012 ACI-NA Operations and Technical Affairs Pre-Conference Seminar on Sept. 8-9 prior to the 2012 ACI-NA/World Annual Conference and Exhibition in Calgary.

Sept. 8

Session 1: Ops/Tech Committee Briefing

Session 2: FAA Briefing

Session 3: Airport Parking

Session 5—Pavement Management Systems and Processes

Session 6—Land Use Planning and Airport Development

Session 7—Boeing Product Briefing

Sept. 9

Session 9—Navigating Capital Projects

Session 10b—Airport Project Delivery Systems Guidebook

Session 10a—How Planning, Facilities, Operations and IT Collide

(Joint Session with Business Information Technology Committee)

Session 10c—When is Less More

Session 11a—NextGen and Airspace Design and Hot Topics

(Joint Session with Environmental Affairs Committee)

Session 11b—Financing and Public-Private Partnerships

Session 12a— ACRP Sustainability Rating System

(Joint Session with Environmental Affairs Committee)

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