FAA Releases Safety Management Systems (SMS) Desk Reference

On June 12, the FAA released the FAA Office of Airports Safety Management System Desk Reference.  This document supplements FAA Order 5200.11, FAA Airports (ARP) Safety Management System, by clarifying the requirements and processes of the ARP SMS. Primarily focuses on the procedures for complying with the Safety Risk Management (SRM) component of SMS. Also includes guidance on evaluating the ARP SMS through the Safety Assurance process and explains the role of airport sponsors and state aviation organizations.

The Desk Reference is intended to provide guidance to FAA Office of Airports staff for their "internal" airport SMS program.  However, we encourage ACI-NA members and World Business Partners to review the document, as the provisions related to safety risk management (SRM) process will likely have direct impacts on airport planning, design, and construction activities, particularly for airside projects.

ACI-NA will be compiling member comments and questions regarding the Desk Reference for discussion with FAA.  Please any that you have to Matt Griffin (mgriffin@aci-na.org) by July 6, 2012.