FAA Releases Final NEPA Order 1050.1F and Desk Reference

Late last month the Federal Aviation Administration published their updated NEPA implementing gudiance, Order 1050.1F Environmental Impacts: Policies and Procedures.  Order 1050.1F replaces the prior Order 1050.1E, and outlines the agency's policies and procedures for compliance with NEPA and regulations issued by the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ). The Desk Reference contains additional detail and is designed to be used in conjunction with the Order. Please click tbe links below to download the documents.  

The NEPA Working Group is currently reviewing the final order for changes and will be compiling comments on the Desk Reference for submission to FAA.  The Agency has indicated it will seek industry comment on the Desk Reference to facilitate periodic updates.   

The FAA Office of Airport Planning and Programming is currently developing its own updated NEPA implementing order, 5050.4C, which will provide additional specific information for airports regarding NEPA complaince.  The NEPA Working Group will develop comments for this initiatve as well in the coming months.  

For questions about this issue, or if you would like to participate on the NEPA working group, please contact Katherine Preston at kpreston@aci-na.org.