FAA Provides Details Regarding Rewrite of Advisory Circular 150/5300-13, Airport Design

On March 30, the FAA held an “Industry Day” at FAA Headquarters in Washington DC to discuss the pending rewrite of Advisory Circular 150/5300-13, Airport Design.  This AC—one of the most consequential to airport planners and designers—describes the airfield geometric design standards that are applicable to U.S. airports.  ACI-NA’s Chris Oswald and Charles Richardson attended the event together with several ACI-NA member airports.

Some of the key changes that will be included in the revised AC include:

  • Incorporation of taxiway design groups which consider aircraft wheelbase, primarily to enable improved taxiway fillet design.
  • Improved guidance regarding declared distances, including when and how they should be used
  • New guidance regarding how to reduce runway incursion risks through improved runway/taxiway intersection design
  • Reorganization of runway and taxiway design tables
  • Updated aircraft database
  • Modified guidance regarding permissible land uses within runway protection zones

FAA expects to release a draft version of the AC for industry comment later this month and will be soliciting comment from the aviation industry and public via the Federal Register.  The FAA will hold the comment period on the draft open for 60 days and plans to log and adjudicate all comments it receives.

ACI-NA will be tracking the release of the draft AC closely and plans to file comments on behalf of our airport members.

If you have questions please contact Chris Oswald (coswald@aci-na.org).