FAA Furlough Legislation Passed by Senate Cuts AIP

This evening, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid “hotlined,” or fast tracked a bill through the Senate, with Unanimous Consent, which addressed the FAA furlough issue for the remainder of Fiscal Year 2013. Although this legislation, which we expect to be passed by the House tomorrow and then signed by the President, will end the FAA furloughs of air traffic controllers and should fully restore safety and efficiency to our air traffic system, it is paid for by unobligated AIP discretionary funds. The use of AIP funds is something ACI-NA and many in our community had fought aggressively against as a “pay for” for this legislation. It is unfortunate and very disappointing Congress chose this course of action in resolving this unnecessary transportation crisis, as it does amount to a cut to AIP for the remainder of FY13 (Sept. 30th).

Details:This legislation does allow FAA the flexibility to transfer funds from other FAA accounts, besides AIP, however based on recent statements to Congress by the FAA Administrator, we expect that the bulk of the funds to pay for this legislation will come from the unobligated discretionary AIP money authorized for transfer as part of this legislation. ACI-NA has been in contact with FAA this evening, about the details of this legislation and we have confirmed that it will NOT impact entitlement formulas.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Christopher R. Bidwell, Vice President, Security and Facilitation, at (202) 861-8081 or Lydia T. Beairsto, Director, Public Safety and Security, at (202) 861-8082.