Brochures: 3rd Place

EIA Airport Guide Brochure Series

Edmonton International Airport

Airport Entry Form

EIA developed a series of three brochures to help passengers and visitors familiarize themselves with services, amenities and artwork in the airport. Each brochure was designed to fit easily into a pocket or purse so passengers can use them for easy reference.

The brochures were necessary because our new terminal expansion increased the airport size by 50 per cent. As a result, passengers had more ground to cover to get their gate, more sights to see, and more shopping and dining options from which to choose. The brochures also include a list of important phone numbers, a map of shopping/dining options and key ground transportation locations, and Info Booth (general service desk) hours on the back cover.

We also incorporated ‘ad’ space into the brochures to provide information on other programs, such as the NEXUS trusted travellers program and the new Renaissance Hotel at EIA.

Project Goals: 

- Provide passengers with an easy-to-use ready reference for services, amenities and art installations at the airport
- Help passengers find what they need in the new, larger airport quickly and easily
- Raise awareness of the 34 new shopping and dining options available to passengers as well as the world class art installed throughout the terminal.
- Create a series feel to the brochures while remaining ‘on brand’


All work, other than printing, was done in-house.


We’ve not been able to keep these brochures in stock! From July to September 2012, we need two runs each of the Parking and Ground Transportation brochure and the Shopping and Dining brochure, totaling 5500 copies each.




3,000 copies of each brochure were printed initially (9,000 copies total). Costs: $7,394;
Subsequent runs are approximately $1800-2300 for each brochure

Entry Files:

application/pdf icon GT_Brochure_Fall2012_SpreadsACI.pdf

application/pdf icon SDServicesBrochure_Spreads_ACI.pdf

application/pdf icon ArtBrochure_Nov2012_SpreadsACI.pdf