DOT Issues Show Cause Order to Establish Separate Mexico Procedural Docket; Comments due September 27

On September 12, DOT issued a show cause order to establish a separate Mexico Procedural Docket (DOT-OST-2011-0076) to handle notices and requests by US carriers to adjust, delay or temporarily cease services, to seek a designation to operate small aircraft service and engage in small aircraft code-sharing and to seek consolidation of their Mexico certificate authority.  DOT would also post its actions taken on these notice and requests, if any, in this same docket.  It would no longer include these items in its Weekly List of Applications Filed.  US carriers also have to serve all US carriers operating scheduled air service in the US/Mexico market.

 The DOT Show Cause Order can be found at:!documentDetail;D=DOT-OST-2005-22228-0162

 Comments by interested parties are due 15 calendar days from the September 12 service date-Tuesday, September 27.

 Many of these items were previously handled in informal filings and were not docketed.  DOT maintains that its proposed new docket would make process more transparent, centralized and user friendly.  In doing so, DOT maintains the changes would provide notification of newly available opportunities in the market.