DHS/CBP Announce Partnership with Loews on Global Entry/Pre√TM; Changes in CBP Top Titles, September 24, 2012

DHS/CBP Partnership with Loews

Today, DHS Secretary Napolitano, CBP Deputy Commissioner Aquilar and the President and the Chairman of Loews Hotels & Resorts announced a partnership between DHS and Loews Hotels & Resorts to promote Global Entry and Pre√TM.

Loews Hotel will offer itsYouFirst Platinum loyalty rewards members complimentary enrollment in the Global Entry program.  This will be similar to CBP working with American Express and United Airlines who reimburse their top customers for their Global Entry enrollment fee.

The DHS press release with more information can be found at: http://www.dhs.gov/news/2012/09/24/napolitano-announces-partnership-loews-hotels.

CBP Title Changes

David Aguilar is no longer listed as Acting Commissioner, but rather as Deputy Commissioner.  This is due to requirements in US law that someone can only serve in an acting role for a limited period when no nomination has been submitted to the Congress.  Therefore, Thomas Winkowski who had the title of Acting Deputy Commissioner now has the title of Acting Chief Operating Officer. Kevin McAleenan continues to have the title of Acting Assistant Commissioner for Field Operations.