Commitee Building Business Terms, Practices Catalogue

ACI-NA Memo: Feb. 8, 2013

ACI-NA is conducting a member survey hoping to catalogue commonly-understood airport and aviation business practices and agreement terms from airport to airport.  It’s hoped that access to this knowledge will aid airports and airlines in discussions over contracts, rate and charges and other agreements by providing examples of where similar practices are in place. Contained in a searchable table, users will be able to sort the information by airport size, form of agreement or specific business practice or agreement term.

Issue:  When engaging airlines in negotiation regarding new or changed business terms, the airport operators’ ability to articulate alternative methods and practices for consideration is often hampered by their ability to identify other airports where those methods and practices are actually in use.

Who is impacted:  All airports.

What is ACI-NA Doing:  ACI-NA plans to create a searchable table that can be distributed to all airports and updated annually. This table will contain sufficient information on airport business terms and rates and charges for an airport operator to pursue due diligence at the level of depth appropriate to their situation. A summary presentation will be made at the Airport Airline Business Working Group meeting to be held at 1-2 p.m. on Monday, April 22 during the ACI-NA Economics and Finance Conferencein Portland, Ore.

Needed Airport Action:  Please complete the survey by visiting: at your earliest convenience and no later than Monday Feb. 25. For your reference, the full survey form in PDF is attached.

ACI-NA Contacts: Liying Gu at