Commercial Management Committee Working Groups

The ACI-NA Commercial Management Committee serves as a forum to share ideas and exchange information among fellow airport concessions and commercial properties professionals as well as to identify the best commercial practices at airports. The committee focuses on landside management issues such as ground transportation, parking and car rentals. It also concentrates on issues relating to concessions and commercialization; as well as tracking trends and best practices. Annually, the committee completes a work plan of projects that will benefit the airport industry as it relates to concessions and commercial properties matters.

In addition, the group assists ACI-NA with the coordination of the annual ACI-NA Concessions Conference and Richard A. Griesbach Airport Concessions Contest

The Commercial Management Committee currently has three working groups – the Concessions Benchmarking Working Group, the Concessions Contracting and Best Practices Working Group and the Commercial Development/Real Estate Working Group

The Concessions Benchmarking Survey is designed by the Concessions Benchmarking Working Group, the survey collects important airport concessions data with the goal to build a comprehensive database of key industry measures that member airports can use for comparing and contrasting with their peers. The survey consists of three parts: general information of an airport's concession program; food and beverage programs; and news, gift and specialty retail programs. The 2012 Concessions Survey is expected to be released in early June.   

The Concessions Contracting and Best Practices Working Group is responsible for identifying industry standards and best practices for contracting and procurement approaches, and concession agreements. The working group has been split into two subgroups, each of which has been tasked to identify airports that have recently entered into new concessions agreements or those with notable standards and best practices in the procurement/contracting functions.  The group will look to promote their research and findings, through a summary paper and webinar later this year. 

The new Commercial Development/Real Estate Working Group intends to research potential sources of commercial revenues through commercial real estate development of airport owned property outside of the terminal buildings. This working group will research and study existing commercial developments on airport properties and identify industry standards and best practices for such developments.

During the 2012 Airport Economics and Human Capital Conference, there will be three educational sessions that are related to commercial management. These sessions include parking revenue strategies, increasing revenue from rental car facilities and innovative income generation/cost reduction. In addition, there will be a commercial management committee meeting to provide updates on all committee projects and initiatives and discuss industry issues.

Contact ACI-NA’s Aneil Patel for more information.