Commercial Management Committee Resource Center

The Commercial Management Committee Resource Center is a one stop platform for ACI-NA members to access important documents related to airport concessions and commercial property. It is password protected and therefore is only available to members of ACI-NA’s Commercial Management Committee.

Password: Please contact to request the password. (Members only)

The following information has been recently posted on the Commercial Management Committee Resource Center for you to access:

  • Advertising Contracts and RFPs
  • Baggage Cart Contracts and RFPs
  • Concessions Subject Clauses
  • Fixed Base Operator Contracts and RFPs
  • Food Service Contracts and RFPs
  • Overall Concession Agreements
  • Parking and Ground Transport Contracts and RFPs
  • Passenger Service Contracts and RFPs
  • Rental Car Contracts and RFPs
  • Retail Contracts and RFP's
  • Tenant Design Guidelines

If you would like to add you airport documents to the Commercial Management Resource Center that would be of interest to the airport community, please send your latest files to Please block out any contents you do not want to release publicly.

Thank you for your participation. As always, your input and assistance helps to make ACI-NA a great resource for its members.