Charleston International Airport


The Economic Impact of Charleston International Airport Complex

Author: The Center for Business Research of the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce

Date: November 2011


Why the Study

The purpose of the study is to estimate the economic impact the Charleston International Airport has on the Charleston Metropolitan Area.  The study will be used to educate local community leaders, members of the Charleston Metro Chamber, Charleston Visitor Bureau, USAF (partner on the airfield), airport tenants, and the general public on the important role the airport plays in the local economy and job creation.

The previous study was completed in 2005 by the South Carolina Division of Aeronautics as part of a state project.

The airport partnered with the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce’s Center for Business Research to complete the study.  The budget was $2,500.

The Charleston County Aviation Authority did the majority of the work ‘in-house” and also partnered with the Charleston Chamber of Commerce.


Communications Strategy

The message is being delivered to the community through public board meetings, newspaper articles, meetings held by the Charleston Chamber of Commerce, presentation at local clubs (Rotary, etc…)

The communication is ongoing and will be measured by meeting minutes, articles in the local paper, etc…

At this time the economic impact study has not been posted to the airport’s website because the site is being redesigned.

Attachment: The study

Information submitted by:

Sean Tracey
Director of Special Projects
Charleston County Aviation Authority