Centerlines: Committee and Working Group Update

The Commercial Management Committee serves as a forum to share ideas and exchange information among fellow airport concessions and commercial properties professionals as well as to identify the best commercial practices at airports. The committee focuses on landside management issues such as ground transportation, parking and car rentals. It also concentrates on issues relating to concessions and commercialization; as well as tracking trends and best practices. Annually, the committee completes a work plan of projects that will benefit the airport industry as it relates to concessions and commercial property.

Currently, the committee has two working groups:

Concessions Benchmarking:The Concessions Benchmarking Working Group is revising the annual ACI-NA Concessions Benchmarking Survey to collect important airport concession data, with the goal to build a comprehensive database of key industry measures. The survey will be disseminated to the membership in early August, consisting of three parts; general concession program information: food and beverage: and news, gift and specialty retail. Once the survey is completed, airports will be able to do trend analysis with two years of data. The preliminary survey findings and database will be presented during the 2011 ACI-NA Airport Concessions Conference in Atlanta.

Concessions Contracting & Business Practices Working Group:This working group will be split into subgroups, each of which will identify a handful of airports that have recently entered into new concessions agreements or those with notable standards and best practices in the procurement/contracting functions. The Concessions Agreement Subgroup will review and determine the similarities and the differences between various airport concession RFP approaches.  The Best Practices Subgroup will evaluate notable standards in the procurement or contracting functions.  Working group members will find similarities and make comparisons between various approaches and promote the working groups research and findings, through presentations and webinars.

The Committee is also responsible for planning the Annual Airport Concessions Conference. The 2011 Airport Concessions Conference is scheduled to take place in Atlanta on Nov. 7-10. There will be various designated opportunities for member networking throughout the conference. The educational sessions will be addressing topics such as industry updates, access to capital issues and transparency for concessions RFP’s. Attendees will also have an opportunity to participate in roundtable discussions of enhancing non-aeronautical revenue and the convenience store evolution.  

The conference will also recognize the winners of the 2011 ACI-NA Richard A. Griesbach Excellence in Airport Concessions Contest in an Award Ceremony, for their innovative spirit and outstanding achievements in airport concession practices.