CBP Announces New Reimbursable Services Program for Airports

On April 1, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) posted information on its website regarding the next round of the Reimbursable Services Program based on the legislation that allows CBP to enter agreements with a total of five air ports of entry. Like the original pilot program, air ports of entry will be limited to overtime only for new or existing services.

CBP states that interested parties should submit requests for participation in this program to 559reimbursableservices@cbp.dhs.gov not later than 5pm EDT on Wednesday, April 30. The requests should include a detailed letter of intent. CBP will acknowledge receipt of an entity’s application and may ask for additional information, if necessary. Requesting parties will be notified about the status of their request not later than June 30.

Requesters must meet the following criteria:


  • The requestor (e.g., port authority, air/ocean carrier, cruise line) agrees to reimburse CBP for all costs associated with the services as required by Section 559;
  • Completion of an agriculture compliance agreement if applicable;
  • A successful site visit in which CBP officials discuss workload and services and verify that facilities and equipment meet CBP’s specifications as required by Section 559;
  • Signing of a Reimbursable Services Program agreement with CBP; and
  • In addition to the form provided, please address the following in your submission as it pertains to your request, as these constitute the main factors of consideration during the evaluation process:
    • Impact on CBP operations;
    • Funding reliability;
    • Community and industry concerns;
    • Health and safety issues;
    • Local/regional economic benefits; and
    • Feasibility of program use.